Onward. Upward.

It was a night of emotion – an interesting cocktail of curiosity and excitement. This was the first time, in over 6 years, that so many of the team met in person to celebrate a monumental event. Sure, there were launches before. Celebrations of holidays and happy moments. This night was different. October 14th, 2022 was a brand revolution! All of the colors and symbols and vernacular vibrantly supplanted the old. It was a point of pivot. A clear break from the old moving toward new territory closer aligned with our original intent.

For all parties involved, there was a commitment to stand a little taller. To aim a little higher.

Kamen and I cannot remember a time in our careers when we felt more proud of a group of exceptional individuals and a body of work that has continually pushed boundaries and thrilled customers. We look forward to the days ahead and thank everyone for being absolutely amazing.


Onward. Upward.

Hello world!

We are simply thrilled to invite you to our new brand and website. What started off as a grassroots concept seven years ago, has become our mission as an organization and that which energizes us to leap out of bed each morning. “Offshore Like Next Door” is beautifully represented in the web pages that appear before you. Insight into the inner workings of our organization and into the DNA of our staff, vendors, and clientele. We would love to receive your feedback, business or employment application. We always have room for exciting opportunities and promising talent.